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AZLife.Style makes it easy for you to explore with Arizona’s most social brands. We live in a beautiful state that has much to offer. From the desert to the pines and the highlands in between. Whatever your interests, Arizona has you covered.

Social Media has changed how we interact with our favorite brands.  We are all visual creatures and what better way to engage than through brilliant imagery.  It lets us connect and feel the passion.  It makes it easy for us be involved with a cause greater than all of us.  We can all be part of the story.


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What is AZLife.Style

At Zuggand, we are passionate about change, technology and digital transformation.  We are also passionate about Arizona and wanted to leverage our technology to develop something just for Arizona.  This led us to create an experimental social website and local directory called AZLife.Style (  It is so different than other local websites that we thought we would explain a little about it – what it is, why we did it, and what it could look like in the future.

Q: What is AZLife.Style exactly?

A: AZLife.Style is really two things in one website – first, it is a social media board that is aggregating the social media posts of over 450 Arizona-based brands.  This allows Arizonans to scan through a wall of posts to get a window into local, retail businesses.  Second, AZLife.Style is a local directory of Arizona’s most social brands.  If you see a post you like, you can go to the directory and find out more about the business – a short description, address and map, contact information, and more.

Q: What brands are included on AZLife.Style?

A: For now, we have identified and included over 450 Arizona brands that have a significant social media following.  We have organized them into 15 high-level categories including, but not limited to, Active Life, Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Hotels & Travel, Restaurants, and Shopping.  If an Arizona company is not listed, they can email us directly and we will review their social media activity to determine whether they will be added.

Q: Why did you build AZLife.Style?

A: The world has changed. Social media has changed how we, as consumers interact with our favorite brands.  We are all visual creatures and what better way to engage than through imagery.  A simple directory doesn’t give you the interaction we expect these days.  Yes, sometimes you know exactly what you are looking for and any search engine or directory can help you find it.  But sometimes, you just want to browse and see what is happening locally.  That’s where AZLife.Style brings those two activities together into one website.

Q: What are your plans for AZLife.Style?

A: As we mentioned earlier, AZLife.Style is an experiment.  We have a hypothesis and are using the site as a way to prove it right (or wrong – but we doubt it!).  If Arizonans find it useful, we will continue to add features over time.  We envision the site will be a way for each Arizonan to customize their experience and directly interact with the Arizona brands they are interested in.

Until then, enjoy using AZLife.Style to discover Arizona in a new way.  And as always, we would love to hear what our fellow Arizonans think about the concept.

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Arizona has wonderful places to explore.  Hiking, camping, climbing, lakes, and parks offer you tons of opportunities to stay active.


Restaurants, shops, boutiques, art galleries, music venues, spas, and resorts are all part of Arizona’s thriving communities.